Tojohage Productions

Tojohage Productions was founded in 2015 on the simple idea that stories are the most powerful thing we all own.

Based in Australia, our Producing team strives to work with the best film and television creatives from around the world to entertain while delivering new perspectives to our screens.

With our first feature film released to critical acclaim in 2017, we are focused on taking advantage of our homebase in Australia – and it’s plethora of inspiring film locations, experienced talent and cost-effective production opportunities - to bring meaningful stories to life in conjunction with both local and international partners.

Tojohage Productions has a particular interest in producing films, TV series, documentaries and digital content that puts a spotlight on civil justice or compelling personal interest stories. Whether this is via drama or comedy, we are committed to telling the stories that need to be told.

Our Projects

Don't Tell

The story of a young woman who fought back after enduring sexual abuse at a prestigious private school

DON’T TELL – Feature Film


A 6-part comedy web series that explores the bureaucracy and hypocrisy in Australia's welfare system.

WELFARE – Web Series